Microsoft Tablet Surface: Attack on Apple iPad

For several weeks it is already the Release Candidate of Windows 8 as a download that will open the Windows operating system for the new computer generation of ARM-powered tablet. Until now, however, still unclear what the manufacturer to launch Windows 8 tablets will offer.Microsoft has revealed the first in yesterday's press conference: Microsoft.

Microsoft Surface is the Windows 8 hot-tablet, with the company from Redmond is also a piece of hardware manufacturers. So far, however, Microsoft has largely kept out of the hardware business in the computer field, apart from peripherals such as mice and keyboards. Basically, Microsoft has achieved with its own hardware conflicting results. While the Xbos and Kinetc are great successes, the production had to be set the iPod challenger, Zune after a few years back, the player would have been without ever having to buy outside the USA.
Surface starts with Microsoft a frontal attack on the iPad from Apple, but it is - apart from the other operating system with Metro-surface - certainly their own accents.Highlights of the Sun are not copied iPad like the retinal display, it provides Microsoft with the touch or type covers a very interesting version of a keyboard dock. The only three and five millimeters thick protective shells adhere magnetically to the display surface of the tablets. So far, so familiar from the iPad. Microsoft has these plastic grips but additionally equipped with a QWERTY keyboard, with which the tablet can be transformed into a netbook notbehelfsweise. Here, the keyboard docks magnetically to the tablet. Position and motion sensors in the cover ensure that only genuine key inputs are processed. Specifies the user simply hand on the pad or folded it back on the display will no longer run, the pressure pulses. Buyers can choose between Microsoft's tablet touch the thinner cover, on which the keys are just painted on and select the type cover with a little key travel. Real buttons provide protective cover but not both.
Microsoft Surface must not be equipped with an external stand that comes with the tablet already folded out. Microsoft calls the housing VaporMG Case & Stand This is actually a tough magnesium body, which is manufactured in one piece. Particularly ingenious: The integrated webcam for video calls is already appropriately aligned diagonally to the tablet erected.
In terms of technical specifications, the surface will be offered in two versions, a cheaper version of Windows with RT and an ARM processor and a Windows 8 Pro Business version with an Intel processor. Both tablets feature a 10.6-inch display, the Pro version but this is a Full HD resolution, while the smaller one only HD resolution is possible. Even with the other technical indicators, the Pro version offers slightly more power everywhere, USB 3.0 instead of USB 2.0, 42-Wh battery instead of 31.5 Wh battery, up to 128 GB of RAM instead of up to 64 GB. Therefore, per tablet with a 13.5 mm, however, is also a lot thicker than 9.3 mm only flat RT-Windows machine with 903 g and 676 g compared to even more difficult.
Microsoft wants the two surface-Tablets are already bringing to the market launch of Windows 8 in the fall of the stores, probably to protect it at all then are devices that are available in time for Christmas. How much the equipment would be and the exact launch, Microsoft has not yet revealed at the presentation.



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