Android 3.2: The new features

Google has released a new version of the tablet version of the Android operating system officially. Android 3.2 brings only three improvements over the currently installed Tablet Android 1.3 , but have it in themselves.

As would be the same as the first call to the new compatibility zoom, can be displayed with the fact that for smaller smartphone screens programmed apps on the larger tablet screen in full screen size. Since for most Android aps is, the feature is a blast, if not then the applications to be pixelated. Supposedly, the pixels are rescaled in order to combat this effect.
The second feature that would cause a stir is the new Media Sync can be with the files on SD memory cards loaded directly from the apps. Memory cards from Android 3.2 as an additional memory that is used. Be particularly enthusiastic about it are likely photographers, the images of their fully photographed SD cards will soon be no longer on the small camera screen for previewing, but equal to the 10-inch LCD of an Android Tablet view and edit with the right apps even can. Finally, Google also is compatible with tablets significantly extended overall. Android 3.2 now supports tablets and 7 inches and runs on many more tablets than before.
A real surprise is the Android 3.2 release does not work after the Chinese company, Huawei is already a month ago, a new 7 "called Android tablet announced MediaPadhad was to run on the Android 3.2 operating system. The now presented so far is only the Android 3.2 SDK Developer, that is, the tablet manufacturers have to adapt to their Android 3.2 Tablets and only then can also provide their customers with a hotfix. That could happen, however, faster than the previous upgrade policy can suggest a few smartphone manufacturers. At least Motorola has already begun in the U.S., the  Motorola Xoom to Android 3.2  upgrade. 


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