WebOS 3.0.4: Last update for the touch pad?

HP brings WebOS 3.0.4 again an update out to be sold at a knockdown price tablet touch pad. There are many new features that should be so slow touchpad but friends say goodbye to witeren updates.
That was one of the fundamental misunderstandings, as HP's flagship tablet in late August .solid for only 99 euro Many thought that the touch pad to stay exactly like this and it never will again update would - after all, HP takes the medium completely from the operating system, WebOS back (which indeed was just a year after buying it along with Palm).
Quite as fast as you can not, nor is there the WebOS department, and yet the employees are motivated enough to extricate updates. Good news for all those who have not flashed their touchpad and Linux, or Android, or whatever have been playing forever.
HP has now released WebOS 3.0.4 , which brings the tablet on a date. There is a new camera app, which improves both the front and rear camera. Concerning also under the heading camera, but all the elements that is greater tolerance in Tappen.Users with sausage fingers, the core target group of tablet manufacturers, so they can next long and a little more generous when they select an icon. Flash and Flash-based plug-ins have been improved to the extent that such applications can now also access the accelerometer.
The App Catalog can now be easier to filter (for example, by touch-pad and phone apps) and should run faster overall. Songs can now directly from the Album view, enter them into a playlist. Nice: There are now also free OGG Vorbis and FLAC support. When Messenger can now specify which account you want to be visible as shown, and what you as invisible.
Via Blutooth can now also transfer calls to the tablet, do not come from other WebOS devices. To send / receive SMS, the device must, however, the Bluetooth Message Access Profile unters├╝tzten. The Blutooth sync with keyboards should be simple.
It is quite possible that this is now really the last official update for the touch pad was. Slowly go out in the Department of the lights. According  webosroundup.com it could already be concluded definitively end of this month, the site appeals to one of the remaining internal staff.


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